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Our Ethos

Godliman has always been a values-based firm. Our ethos is our moral compass to which we hold ourselves accountable, and to which others can hold us accountable too.

Our ethos forms the heart of our company and determines both our ‘why?’ and how we do things. It inspires us to work together as a company, regardless of which team we sit within, ensuring we are all on the same path, working towards a shared vision. These principles form the foundation of our monthly performance reviews, when we ask all staff to review how well we are walking the walk in our day-to-day business.

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Our aim is to be the best Asset Management Search firm globally, doing the highest quality work, and with the happiest people.

Diversity & Inclusion

Godliman Partners embraces diversity and seeks to promote the benefits of diversity in all of our business activities.

This means that we strive to help our clients meet their own diversity targets and we organise ourselves to attract diversity in our own workforce at Godliman Partners.

Using our whole-market knowledge base, we are able to collect and analyse high-quality diversity data to ensure that Clients’ workforce is representative of the broader market throughout the employee lifecycle.

We can then work with clients to review what actions might be necessary from a talent management perspective to ensure greater diversity and Best-Fit in future hiring.

We have also conducted numerous surveys collating 360-degree feedback on how employees feel their companies are doing in fostering work conditions that encourage and retain diversity, and can advise on where improvements could be made.

Our proprietary Search process roots out bias in candidate identification and selection by subjecting all candidates to our three-step Best-Fit Search™ and Assessment process.

For clients who are ambitious in taking positive action on diversity, we can provide a long-term Talent Cultivation service which prioritises a more proactive approach to engaging with high-performing diversity candidates.

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Godliman Partners ethical commitment to clients
For Our Clients
For Our Clients

Our Values

Our values are a set of principles that guide us, and set standards of behaviours we aspire to each day. They describe how we engage each other, our customers, contacts and communities.

Go the Extra Mile

We take pride in our work. We don’t only want to do good work: we want to do the best work in the Industry – work that wows customers and candidates alike.  This means taking the effort to do things with excellence, and obsessing on the quality of our service.

Godliman Values- Go the extra mile
Godliman wants to do the best work in the Industry

Better Together

Godliman has always been a ‘one-firm’ firm. We achieve better results through teamwork, when we all work towards the same goals, against the same standards. We want to work with sharers not hoarders; radiators not drains.

Godliman Values- Better together

Good Karma

Everyone who encounters Godliman should feel they have been treated decently and with integrity and kindness. If people need assistance and we cannot help directly, we aim to help indirectly with guidance and advice.

Godliman Values- Good karma

Everyone Matters

Clients are central to what we do, however, candidates and our employees are also important. Everyone we engage with should feel Godliman has been professional and constructive. People do their best work when they are happy so, by taking care of our employees, they will take care of our clients.

Godliman Values- Everyone matters

Keep Improving

“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again*.” The key to ongoing success is to continually review, assess, learn and improve. Hence, over the last 17 years, we have continually revised the Godliman brand and enhanced our approach to Search. We aim to be ‘learn-it-alls’ not ‘know-it-alls’, taking responsibility for our personal and professional growth.

* Justin Trudeau, Davos 2018

Godliman Values- Keep improving
Press Digest

The Godliman Press Digest summarises key stories from the Asset Management press, detailing job moves, internal appointments and people related company news. It is published each week and distributed by email to over 5000 subscribers within the asset management sector.


This area is intended as a centralised resource, where we can collect advice for fund management companies on how to make their hiring processes more effective; and advice for job seekers with tips on how to manage their job hunting process and careers.

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