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What We Do

A genuinely different approach to executive search.

Research shows that more than 40% of new hires fail in the first 18 months*: mainly due to lack of fit.

Godliman Partners understands that finding the ‘Best-Fit’ candidate is a challenging and complex process. You cannot afford to get it wrong.

Our goal is to search for top-tier candidates who not only possess the right skills and track record but also have the personality and temperament to thrive in your culture and to deliver exceptional ongoing value. Our Godliman placement records show that 84% of all candidates placed in the last 20 years have remained for more than two years.

Getting a hire right isn’t easy, but you have always brought us candidates with great personalities that add a dynamism to our team. As well as slotting into the firm with ease, many have gone on to play significant roles in developing our business.

Head of HR, Top 10 UK Pension Fund

We are renowned for our expertise in delivering successful searches where there is a high degree of complexity, a requirement for a rigorous process or the situation requires delicate handling. Our team comprises highly experienced Consultants and Researchers, ranging from 6 to 23 years’ Asset Management search experience. We have been providing search solutions for decades and together with our proprietary Best-Fit process, our team has the experience and judgement to identify and secure the best talent for your team and organisation.


We are specialists in the Asset Management sector covering Public and Private Markets Investing, Sales and Distribution, and the C-Suite sectors. In addition to our individual Executive Search services, our range of solutions include:


Acquisitions are often preferred to Team Lift-Outs because the ‘Return on Investment’ is easier to predict. Godliman Partners focuses on the ‘Micro M&A’ segment: high-performing boutiques that fall below the radar of Investment Banks but which are open to either full or partial acquisition in order to attract acceleration capital.


Team Lift-Outs

The most effective Team Lift-outs are where assets and relationships swiftly follow the team. Much of this depends on maintaining a GIPS-compliant performance record as well as ensuring a cultural match with the new organisation. When considering prospective teams, our Best-Fit Search and Assessment process evaluates potential teams according to track record, investment process, team size, client base and critically, cultural fit.

Team lift-outs are legally complex and need to be handled with meticulous care and due process to avoid breaching of restrictive covenants. Godliman Partners’ experience in this area ensures that legal process is duly adhered to.


Team Build-Outs

In areas where GIPS continuity is less important, for example, in Private Markets, or where a capability is being internalised or built from scratch, a team build-out is a possible solution. This usually involves an initial keystone hire of a Principal or team leader, quickly followed by multiple hires of additional individuals from different organisations. Team build-outs are complicated because certain hires are contingent on other hires being completed first. It is crucial that team build-outs are handled in a joined-up way by an experienced Consultant who is capable of assessing individuals and their potential fit into both the immediate team and the wider organisation.


Talent Cultivation

Where talent is scarce but demand is high, Search is not always the best approach. Godliman Partners works with clients to identify where their current and future ‘pinch points’ are. We identify the current and future ‘stars’ within the wider market and arrange networking meetings to assess ‘Fit’ and help build a dialogue, sometimes over years, so that when the time is right these candidates regard our client as their first option if frustrations arise in their current role. We call this ‘Longitudinal Search’ and it has successfully helped our clients to hire franchise leaders in flagship strategies, or to quickly fill gaps caused by resignations.


“We have worked with Godliman Partners for 18 years and they have provided us with a first-rate executive search service.”

Advisory Consulting

One of the benefits of our systematic, whole-market approach is the cultivation of in-depth market intelligence on how companies resource and structure their strategies and teams. This allows us to keep clients informed of new market trends and advise them on how best to develop new capabilities and franchise areas.


*Leadership IQ 2015 Hiring Managers: 20,000 employees


Press Digest

The Godliman Press Digest summarises key stories from the Asset Management press, detailing job moves, internal appointments and people related company news. It is published each week and distributed by email to over 5000 subscribers within the asset management sector.


This area is intended as a centralised resource, where we can collect advice for fund management companies on how to make their hiring processes more effective; and advice for job seekers with tips on how to manage their job hunting process and careers.

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