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How to Research Headhunting Firms

Updated: Jun 1

We maintain a fairly comprehensive list of UK-based Executive Search firms, specialising in the Asset Management Sector, which you can download from our web site on request (see the below).

You can find more Recruitment firms from the following resources:

This is a directory of all the recruitment firms in the UK (and, less comprehensively, globally). The online directory is pretty rough and ready, with many omissions.  You also have to pay them to get a listing so the highlighted companies are not necessarily the best ones.    I think you need to subscribe to get full online access.  You can select firms by sector coverage, and by category: ie: Retained Search, Agency or Selection.  The City Business Library in the Guildhall used to keep a paper copy of the directory, which you can access for free if you ask the librarian;


This is a web site run by the Association of Executive Search Consultants, and lists their members in the UK.  You have to sign up to Bluesteps to get access to the full directory, but it does at list the member firms by region.



Look up the details of a headhunter that you know.  Then look at the side panel next to their record which says “People Also Viewed”  and note down the people there, who will usually be other headhunters in that sector.  If you click on any of their records, and repeat, you will soon get quite a comprehensive list of firms.



If you perform the following searches:

“Asset Management” Executive Search site:uk  or  “Investment Management” Executive Search site:uk

or variants thereof, you will tend to get a decent list of Search firms; though watch out: you will also get Agencies presenting themselves as search firms;

You can also try:

“Asset Management” headhunters site:uk  or  “Investment Management” headhunters site:uk

If you use the word “Recruitment”, you will get mainly Agency Headhunters.


Selection web sites:

Since Agencies often combine Agency recruitment with Selection recruitment, another way to identify relevant Agencies is to look at job adverts on sites like LinkedIn, e-FinancialCareers, The FT, and Albourne Village, and search for jobs in the field in which you would like to work.   Then, make a note of the Headhunter managing the advert responses: even if that particular job may not be an exact fit, it at least means the headhunter works in a relevant area.

There is also a less comprehensive list of Agency Recruiters that we have put together from recommendations from our clients, which you can  request from us if needed.


Last edited 7th December 2020


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