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The "Invisibles" of high-quality Search | Part 2

Updated: Jun 1


The fundamental disparity between contingent Agency Recruitment and retained Search lies in the mindset of the recruiter.  Contingency models appear appealing as they tie payment to results, seemingly reducing the risk for the client. However, this fee structure significantly influences the behaviour of recruiters. In contrast, a retained engagement, like the ones we undertake at Godliman, entails a retainer that covers research costs, irrespective of the hiring outcome. This ensures that our focus remains on serving the client’s best interests rather than solely on placing any candidate to secure payment. We firmly believe that our role extends beyond merely making a hire; it involves aiding our clients in avoiding poor hires. This shift in focus, from selling candidates to eliminating mismatches, underscores our commitment to long-term client success. While many firms measure success by closure rates, we prioritise evaluating the performance and longevity of our placements. Our track record speaks volumes: 79% of all our hires placed in the last 10 years remain with the same firm, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.


Candidate Evaluation

The approach to candidate evaluation distinguishes between contingent Agency Recruitment and retained Search. Agency Recruitment often relies heavily on skills and track record, using tools like LinkedIn and heavy reliance on interviews for candidate selection. However, research indicates that a candidate’s failure often stems from factors like coachability and emotional intelligence rather than technical competence alone. At Godliman, our process emphasises a comprehensive evaluation, including competency-based interviews, reference checks, personality testing, and aptitude assessments. By focusing on behaviours and cultural fit, we ensure that our candidates not only possess the requisite skills but also align with our client’s ethos. Our commitment to holistic assessment mitigates the risk of unsuitable hires, offering clients a more reliable recruitment solution.


Knowledge & Representation of Client

Another critical distinction between low-cost Agency Recruitment and retained Search lies in their understanding and presentation of the hiring company. While low-cost agencies prioritise operational efficiency, often neglecting to fully grasp the client’s culture and values, Godliman prioritises deep client engagement. We invest time in understanding our client’s vision, values, and company culture, enabling us to present the opportunity compellingly to potential candidates. By crafting detailed candidate briefing packs and promoting our client’s strengths and culture, we not only facilitate better candidate evaluation but also enhance the client’s employer brand. Our approach fosters positive PR, making future hiring endeavours more seamless for our clients. In summary, our commitment to understanding our clients and presenting their opportunities in the best light sets us apart, ensuring the success of both our clients and candidates.


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Last edited 10th April 2024


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